Progress 1 - Old East Mill with Bananas


Daniel Michael Dobbins is a Cape Cod-based artist and high school visual arts and graphic design teacher. He is new to both roles, yet his passion for the arts goes back to childhood, where a love for realism, details, and the outdoors first began. In his professional work, Daniel works as a watercolorist, painting from photographs that he has taken in his own travels, mostly throughout New England.

Wanting to capture and permanently preserve these lasting memories, his focus is on recreating every minute color and detail as accurately as possible, exploring the vast techniques and approaches available in watercolor to do this. As a teacher, he likewise brings a level of detail, passion, and pride into his classroom, hoping to instill some of these same qualities in his students.

Daniel has exhibited with several art establishments throughout the Cape, and continually seeks out new opportunities for both him as a professional artist, as well as for his students on their own artistic journey.